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Confined Park – Simulation Area

Zhero Safety and Coaching has a training centre, the “Confined Park”, providing the necessary equipment to carry out the practical activities of training courses for professionals who work at height and in confined spaces.

In addition, Zhero has an innovative simulation area complete with 3D and augmented reality where workers are trained to deal with dangerous and emergency situations.

Innovation, research, and safety

The Confined Park is an innovative simulation area, complete with 3D and augmented reality, where workers are trained in rescues and emergencies in order to fully understand the use and potential of the tools with which they work.
In these particular work environments, the danger of death or serious injury is very high due to the presence of substances or dangerous conditions (e.g., the lack of oxygen). For this reason, adequate training is essential.
Our training space allows the operator to have a 4.0 training
that is based on multiple confined spaces and on cutting-edge technology.

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