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Interprofessional funds

The Interprofessional Joint Funds (Law 388/2000) are bodies of an associative nature promoted by trade unions and are authorized to collect the 0.30% paid to INPS and to redistribute it among their members.

Joining a fund does not entail any additional costs for companies and it is possible to change the Fund or renounce membership at any time.

Companies can then submit training projects aimed at employed workers at no cost. The projects may concern mandatory training in the field of security, Legislative Decree 81/2008, but also other sectors: innovation, logistics, marketing, business management, etc.

Zhero srl has been working for years with the major Interprofessional Funds, our professionals can follow you from the designing to the organisation of the training and can manage the presentation and reporting of the plan for you.

Finanza Agevolata

European Funding

European funding is a great resource for companies, professionals and institutions that have a project but need financial help to achieve it. Zhero safety and coaching guarantees the necessary support to access the funds, carries out a detailed analysis of the company, identifies the critical issues and finds the tenders that are available and suitable for your company’s situation.

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