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Course for work at height and PPE cat. III

The course is aimed at workers who work at height illustrating the procedural measures, the use of PPE and carrying out training activities.



  • Work at height and danger of falling;
  • The risk of falling from a height and notes on risk assessment;
  • Prevention and protection of the risk of falling from a height;
  • Notes on the current reference legislation;
  • Notes on the safe stop of the fall from height;
  • Personal protection and PPE;
  • Adequacy in the choice of PPE
  • Obligations of workers in the use of PPE;
  • Characteristics of PPE for the protection of falls from height;
  • The manufacturer’s information note;
  • Duration, maintenance and conservation of the PPE subject of the training;
  • Procedure for the verification and control of the PPE subject of the training;
  • Protection systems: positioning, restraint and fall arrest;
  • Continuity of protection at height and double protection;
  • Notes on access and positioning systems with ropes
  • Safe anchor points and anchoring systems;
  • Use and limitations of use of the PPE subject of the training;
  • Clearance in fall arrest systems and drop factor;
  • Practical module: Demonstration of the PPE subject of the training;
  • Correct equipment of the PPE subject to training;
  • Correct connection of the PPE subject to training;
  • Positioning on vertical structures;
  • Access and positioning on a simple ladder;
  • Vertical and horizontal accesses with double fall arrest lanyard;
  • Use of portable webbing anchors and horizontal anchor line;
  • Rescue of the operator at height.
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With a course attendance of at least 90% following the training hours and following passing the final test, each participant will receive a certificate of participation pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement 21 December 2011, which is valid throughout the national territory.

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