First aid officer refresher course for group A companies

The course is aimed at those who play the role of Company First Aid Officer in Group A companies that must carry out the refresher training every three years.

The companies of group A as defined by Ministerial Decree n.388/2003 are:

  • “Companies or production units with industrial activities, subject to the obligation of declaration or notification, referred to in Article 2, of Legislative Decree 17 August 1999, n. 334, thermoelectric power plants, nuclear plants and laboratories referred to in articles 7, 28 and 33 of Legislative Decree 17 March 1995, n. 230, mining companies and other mining activities defined by Legislative Decree 25 November 1996, n. 624, underground works referred to in the Decree of the President of the Republic 20 March 1956, n. 320, companies for the manufacture of explosives, powders and ammunition “;
  • “Companies or production units with more than five workers belonging to or attributable to the INAIL tariff groups with an accident index of permanent incapacity exceeding four, as can be deduced from the INAIL national statistics relating to the previous three years and updated to 31 December of each year. The aforementioned INAIL national statistics are published in the Official Journal”;
  • “Companies or production units with more than five permanent workers in the agriculture sector”.

DURATION 6 hours

  • First Aid regulations in the company;
  • main communication techniques with the national health services emergency system;
  • First Aid interventions;
  • main techniques of displacement, lifting and rescue of those traumatized.


With a course attendance of at least 90% following the training hours and following passing the final test, each participant will receive a certificate of participation pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement 21 December 2011, which is valid throughout the national territory.

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