Low-risk fire prevention course

The course is aimed at fire prevention officers and the management of possible dangers caused by any company emergencies defined as having “low risk of fire” where, the operating conditions offer little possibility of developing outbreaks and where there are no high chances of flames spreading.

DURATION 4 hours


  • Principles and products of combustion;
  • Extinguishing substances in relation to the type of fire;
  • Effects of fire on people;
  • Prohibitions and limitations of operation;
  • Behavioural measures;
  • Main fire protection measures;
  • Evacuation in case of fire;
  • Call for help;
  • Taking vision and clarifications on portable fire extinguishers;
  • Instructions on the use of portable fire extinguishers.


With a course attendance of at least 90% following the training hours and following passing the final test, each participant will receive a certificate of participation pursuant to the State-Regions Agreement 21 December 2011 and based on the Ministerial Decree 10 March 98, which is valid throughout the national territory.

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